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BMW GS Trophy 2014

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The International BMW GS Trophy from 7 - 13 September 2014 is all about gravel, mud and dust, but it is not a simple race.

It is a adventure designed by BMW to allow Enduro riders to demonstrate their physical and mental strength, team spirit and, of course, riding skills.
rugged hinterlands of the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta serve as the stage for this year's GS Trophy. 

At the end of the event there will be a winning team.

But the most precious reward that all riders will be taking home with them from Canada will be a deep sense of brotherhood.

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This year, 48 riders in sixteen teams will roam the Canadian Rocky Mountains in seven daily stages. 

One rider wrapped up what the teams expect from their 2014 GS Trophy: "It will be great to see Canada and the beautiful nature." 

He adds: "But what I’m looking forward to most is being part of the one GS family, meeting people and having fun with all the different nations.”

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Since 2008, the GS Trophy is hosted in close cooperation with Touratech AG. Touratech has fitted the R 1200 GS motorcycles with both its own and BMW Motorrad accessories.

Metzeler has been the official tire partner to the GS Trophy also since 2008. All motorcycles used at the event will be fitted with Metzeler offroad tires.

Marmot - the tradition-steeped brand from California - has been the official outdoor-equipment supplier and partner to the GS Trophy since 2012.

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In 2012, the International GS Trophy took place in Chile & Argentina. We had a lot of fun ... 

Click here for the full story!

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Jochen Vorfelder aka moto1203  is attending his third GS Trophy in Canada 2014 after the trips to South Africa and Chile & Argentina (#98). The journalist and bike blogger is riding a R 1200 GS to report on the event for media houses in Germany.

Peter Musch is a well-known sports and lifestyle photographer and a avid biker. He is covering the GS Trophy for the second time - unfortunately he shares the fate of his profession: He is never in front of the lens. Sorry, Peter!  

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